Monday, May 20

hello monday.

Hello, Monday.

Hello to the last Monday of school.
Hello to the last Monday of school.  That deserves two hellos.

Hello to a goal of making my bed everyday this week.  Starting tomorrow.  Sorry, today.

Hello to bike rides with the hubs.

Hello to talking & reading & dreaming outside on the porch until 10 pm. 

Hello to a nursery full of diapers & wipes, & even more full of love. 

Hello to colorful salad making.  With avocados. 

Hello to ice cream with a former student.  Who says she wants to be like me when she grows up.  #fullheart

Hello to a newly renovated closet.  Goodbye to one thing on my to-do list. 

Hello to a sweet card from a friend.  I love friends.

What are you saying hello to, today? 

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