Friday, May 24

Coffee Date Friday

YAY, Friday!

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you these 5 things...

I just heard that John Grisham is doing a sequel to A Time To Kill called Sycamore Row.  SO excited for this.  I can't wait to see what Carl Lee Hailey & Jake Brigance have been up to.  Free Carl Lee!

Kindergarten Graduation was this week.  Which meant speaking in front of hundreds of people.  Which meant major anxiety.  The stage, the lights, the microphone, the judging staring...I need a paper bag just thinking about it.  But, I made it through & my little graduates were precious!

I am in the market for a new coffee pot.  We got 9 of them for our wedding.  I guess that's what happens when you invite 517 people to watch you get married. We took back 8 & now I am regretting that.  I'm not regretting returning the kissing dolphins picture frame, though.

On Tuesday, I took an aerobics class.  On a trampoline.  Instant fun & I can't wait to do it again!

I am REALLY trying to drink more water.  But, Water Date Friday just doesn't sound as good.

Not it's your turn...what fun things would you tell me if we had coffee?



  1. 1. This school year cannot end soon enough...
    2. I plan to bake bread and pies all summer- want some?
    3. PCMS is in need of a reboot- already a little excited for next year...
    4. Ryland warranty has me very frustrated...
    5. Keep writing- I like reading your blog

    1. Agree with 1 & 3, and as for 2..YES! I'll be waiting anxiously! :) 3 more days!!!

  2. 1) Finished reading "The Storyteller" this week by Jodi Picoult, an entertaining read
    2) Currently watching The Hobbit with my hottie hubs while devouring home made chocolate chip cookies:)
    3) Went to the pool today despite it only being 55 degrees because the boys were so excited to play on opening day of pool season
    4) SO excited to have Matt home on Monday, love 3 day weekends!
    5) Looking forward to visit from my mama soon, just wish it were for different reasons

    Love you girl!

    1. I LOVE that you went to the pool even though it was 55...totally something I would do! I have heard from SEVERAL people over the years that you make the best chocolate chip cookies by they Fed Ex well?? ;) ;) Hope The Hobbit was good...I know you guys love your Friday Redbox nights! Love you too!

  3. 1. That is the frame we gave you
    2. Buy a keurig, unless you each drink several cups at a time.
    3. Did Zumba this week and loved it.
    4. We didn't really buy you a kissing dolphin frame
    5. If it were Friday I would tell you to have a great long weekend!

    1. HA, Jamie! For a quick second...I thought the frame might have really been from you! Too funny! I have a Keurig, but we both drink it in the morning so I need something bigger too. Yay, Zumba! Hope you are doing well!


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