Sunday, May 5


Dinner with friends this weekend sparked a fun conversation on college, cell phones, and social media. Two of which were not around much in my life between 2000-2004.  Which is a very good thing.  I can't imagine how my college experience would have been different if I had my iphone, facebook, twitter & whatever else is out there.  I would have done a lot less studying and way more stalking.  No...we just had good 'ol American AOL instant messenger "back then."  My screen name was abs402 & dev's highlite81.  Something to do with high school football, I think.  

Speaking of are some from my weekend! 
1// my mini-marathon runner
2// cinco de mayo-ing
3// an Indiana county lesson.  Still couldn't tell you where we live.
4// wine & dine with my mama.
5// downtown brunch
6// encouragement from a friend.  I need to use the postal system more often.
7// libby sandwich 
8// renting a movie.  last people on earth to do this, I believe.

#8 ellaboration.  Devin wants to see the new Star Trek coming out this month.  We never saw the first one a few years ago so we thought we would Red Box it.  Except for there is not a Red Box in the galaxy in Indiana that had the flippin' movie.  Enter Family Video.  And a cute Captain Kirk.  
Beats William Shatner any day!  

What are some of your weekend highlights?

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  1. My AOL name was enerdan:) I fondly remember Matt and I having instant messaging "dates" while I was at Purdue and he was a senior in ptown. Glad I could be of some encouragement to you! I LOVE using the postal system (when I have time), haha! Hugs!


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