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Carter, party of three.

Girl meets Boy.

Girl stalks Boy until he starts dating her.

Girl & Boy fall in love & get married. They have lots of fun together. Then, they realize something is missing. A puppy is missing. They get a puppy girl.

 And call her Libby.
They have more fun together.  Life is pretty perfect.
Then, they realize something is missing again. A baby is missing. Easy enough, right?
Wrong.Wrong again.
And, wrong again.

Girl is sad.  She doesn't like to be sad. But, she can't help it. She is surrounded by her cute pregnant friends, & cuddly, chubby faced babies. Pink & blue.  Blue & pink. In fuzzy, footed pajamas. She tries to be happy for them. And, she is happy for them. But she also feels like a knife is digging into her heart.
The Girl and the Boy are confused because they are good at everything.
They are good at being married. They are good at teaching.  They are not good at this.

So, she cries. She wonders why.
Sometimes she yells at the B…

C.D.F. (coffee date friday)

Coffee dates are fun.   You can talk about life, love, & the latest happenings on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.   Man oh man, is Brandi nuts.  
Virtual coffee dates can be fun, too!  So, let's have one!

If we were having a CDF (coffee date Friday), these are 5 things I would tell you...
1.  Devin tried to be nice & update my iphone so that my music was more organized.  Because Nelly needs his own playlist, people.  Priorities.  Well...he must have decided to ruin my life too because the updates erased ALL of my contacts, email set-up, 500+ pictures, everything.  Tears were shed.  Names were called.  Feet were stomped.  More tears were shed.  

2.  I went to the movies this week on a school night (gasp!) with a pretty little lady as my date.  We decided to forego skittles & smuggle in sushi instead.  Pure genius.  The sushi man even packed the rolls in their smallest air tight containers as to help with optimal smuggling.  Not genius though...sitting in front a bu…

Weekend happies.

I follow several other blogs for different reasons. Some are just because they are fun to read, some are inspiring, & a some give me good ideas on crafting, cooking & everything in between. I have mentioned my favorite blog, Enjoying The Small Things, before & this blog encompasses all of the above things and more. ETST's writer, Kelle Hampton, is the definition of happiness and her blog is nothing short of amazing (at least her 20,000+ followers think so). She always finds happiness in the smallest of things. I know that whenever I read her blog, I will log off feeling happy, inspired, and just have a general fuzzy feeling about life. She will be the first to tell you her life isn't all puppies & rainbows, & that is ok. But, she will be darned if she doesn't find happiness in something each day.

If you haven't checked her out, go NOW. You will be inspired too.

This weekend we didn't do much, which was perfectly fine & often need…

Remember when...

Almost every Saturday in the Carter house involves this:

Thank you, MTV.
Thank you also MTV for TRL, Singled Out, Teen Mom, & their latest trashy fun show - Catfish.

Saved By The Bell. Zack, Kelly, Lisa, Jesse, Slater, Screech & Mr. Belding. And the occasional Violet Bickerstaff, Leon Carosi, & let's not forget college boy Jeff from UCLA who broke up Zack & Kelly. My 10 year old brother ran to his room (fruit roll-up in hand) in tears after we watched that episode. Heartwrenching.

Saved By The Bell taught us about life, love, friendship, teen romance, drug abuse, homelessness, popularity, feminism, & how to dance The Sprain.

Watching Zack & his high-tech cell phone made me remember other fun things from the 90s.

What fun things do you remember from the 90s?
Happy Weekending to you.



Seven years ago I didn't take a leap of faith. I knew exactly what I was doing.

Seven years ago I walked down the aisle with a man who still calls me his little girl.

Seven years ago I hugged 26 little children. They were my very first class of students.

Seven years ago I was surrounded by friends who would walk through fire for me. Ditto.

Seven years ago I danced with my baby brother. And then danced some more. And some more.

Seven years ago I said yes. And, I've never looked back.

Happy seven to A&D.

Devin's thoughts on Life.

Let's set the scene.

Tuesday night. Abigail cooking dinner. Devin frantically running around collecting trash.
It's trash night, obviously. We get craaaazy 'round these parts.

Abigail: I'm doing a new blog tonight with a guest blogger.
Devin: Cool. Aka - I don't really care. It's trash night.
Abigail: The guest blogger is you.
Devin: Frozen. Trash bag in hand. Panic in eyes. "What?!"

And, so we begin.
His first thought is that everyone should drink out of a pineapple.

Or, when you are in Hawaii & your wife wants to drink out of a pineapple, you fork over the $30 to make her happy. Thanks, honey. XOXO.

Back to his thoughts. It's pretty simple. I said a word, he said the first thing that came to his mind.
Here we go!

Rap Music:Tupac.
I thought he would mention his outstanding impersonation of Flava Flav at my 30th birthday last year.
Everybody get your roll on.

Movie:The Fugitive.
I can see that. He could have easily helped R…