Remember when...

Almost every Saturday in the Carter house involves this:

Thank you, MTV.
Thank you also MTV for TRL, Singled Out, Teen Mom, & their latest trashy fun show - Catfish.

Saved By The Bell. Zack, Kelly, Lisa, Jesse, Slater, Screech & Mr. Belding. And the occasional Violet Bickerstaff, Leon Carosi, & let's not forget college boy Jeff from UCLA who broke up Zack & Kelly. My 10 year old brother ran to his room (fruit roll-up in hand) in tears after we watched that episode. Heartwrenching.

Saved By The Bell taught us about life, love, friendship, teen romance, drug abuse, homelessness, popularity, feminism, & how to dance The Sprain.

Watching Zack & his high-tech cell phone made me remember other fun things from the 90s.

What fun things do you remember from the 90s?
Happy Weekending to you.


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