Tuesday, February 5

Devin's thoughts on Life.

Let's set the scene.

Tuesday night. Abigail cooking dinner. Devin frantically running around collecting trash.
It's trash night, obviously. We get craaaazy 'round these parts.

Abigail: I'm doing a new blog tonight with a guest blogger.
Devin: Cool. Aka - I don't really care. It's trash night.
Abigail: The guest blogger is you.
Devin: Frozen. Trash bag in hand. Panic in eyes. "What?!"

And, so we begin.
His first thought is that everyone should drink out of a pineapple.

Or, when you are in Hawaii & your wife wants to drink out of a pineapple, you fork over the $30 to make her happy. Thanks, honey. XOXO.

Back to his thoughts. It's pretty simple. I said a word, he said the first thing that came to his mind.
Here we go!

Rap Music: Tupac.
I thought he would mention his outstanding impersonation of Flava Flav at my 30th birthday last year.
Everybody get your roll on.

Movie: The Fugitive.
I can see that. He could have easily helped Richard Kimble escape the Subways of NYC.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Thinking, thinking...finally: plastic.
Have to agree on that one. But plastic faces sure can produce some good drama.

Libby: Hairy
Their chests are both covered in hair, so I can see that association. Oops. I'll probably get looked down upon for that comment.

Underdressed: Jeans
Yes, yes. Often our dates involve DC underdressing & Abs overdressing. Otherwise known as opposites attract. Otherwise known as Abs likes to wear heels & feel pretty & Dev likes to wear sweatshirts. To each their own.

Michael Vick: The greatest quarterback to ever play the game. Said while smiling VERY smugly.
There are few things in this world that I despise, & MV is one of them. After the threat of a knuckle sandwich, he changed his answer to thug. That's better.

Sports: Football. Said while glued to ESPN, naturally.
No surprise there. But, maybe he should work on his golf game too? Yikes.

Working Out: Needed. (And then followed by, "ow. My hip hurts.")
Working out is required to look like this, ladies.

Britney Spears: Dirty look. Getting annoyed with this game. Wrap it up, Abs. Schoolgirl.
No picture needed. Y'all know exactly what that outfit looked like. Down to the puffy pink balls in her pigtails.

This blog: Thinking, staring, what should I say, thinking. Creative.
I'll take it.

Happy Tuesday. Not to be associated with Friday. Best day ever.


  1. Ok, this was hilarious! I love the 'guest blog' idea. I'll have to talk my hubby into it. I actually think I would get fairly similiar answers.... (especially the MV & Football) ones!

    Happy Thursday!!

    1. Thanks, Erin! one with your hubs! Love your're adorable! :)


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