Monday, February 18

Weekend happies.

I follow several other blogs for different reasons. Some are just because they are fun to read, some are inspiring, & a some give me good ideas on crafting, cooking & everything in between. I have mentioned my favorite blog, Enjoying The Small Things, before & this blog encompasses all of the above things and more. ETST's writer, Kelle Hampton, is the definition of happiness and her blog is nothing short of amazing (at least her 20,000+ followers think so). She always finds happiness in the smallest of things. I know that whenever I read her blog, I will log off feeling happy, inspired, and just have a general fuzzy feeling about life. She will be the first to tell you her life isn't all puppies & rainbows, & that is ok. But, she will be darned if she doesn't find happiness in something each day.

If you haven't checked her out, go NOW. You will be inspired too.

This weekend we didn't do much, which was perfectly fine & often needed at the right time. So, I decided to grab my camera and take pictures of things that made me happy.

A date night out, a date night in, my favorite boots, brunch with friends, candy hearts, a Valentine package in the mail, & a puppy who never can keep both of her bows in, all fell into the weekend happy list.

Happy President's Day. I'm honoring the presidents by still being in my pj's at noon.
Maybe I will add in singing the National Anthem while doing the dishes or something.

Hope you are enjoying the small things, too.


  1. I adore Kelly Hamptoms. Her posts always make me smile. This one did too though - so thanks for that! PJs at noon. Perfection.

    1. Thank're so sweet! Yes, gotta love PJ's at noon - nothing better! :)


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