Friday, February 22

C.D.F. (coffee date friday)

Coffee dates are fun.  
You can talk about life, love, & the latest happenings on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  
Man oh man, is Brandi nuts.  

Virtual coffee dates can be fun, too!  So, let's have one!

If we were having a CDF (coffee date Friday), these are 5 things I would tell you...

1.  Devin tried to be nice & update my iphone so that my music was more organized.  Because Nelly needs his own playlist, people.  Priorities.  Well...he must have decided to ruin my life too because the updates erased ALL of my contacts, email set-up, 500+ pictures, everything.  Tears were shed.  Names were called.  Feet were stomped.  More tears were shed.  

2.  I went to the movies this week on a school night (gasp!) with a pretty little lady as my date.  We decided to forego skittles & smuggle in sushi instead.  Pure genius.  The sushi man even packed the rolls in their smallest air tight containers as to help with optimal smuggling.  Not genius though...sitting in front a bunch of tweens who giggled the whole time.  As I was thinking about getting the manager, I remembered they were me, just 10 years younger.  #gettingold

3.  The Bachelor is awesome.  I love the mansion, the girls, the fantasy suites, the most dramatic rose ceremony ever, etc.  This year's bachelor also happens to look EXACTLY like my high school AP Physics teacher, Mr. Walker.  Yes, I said AP Physics.  I only took the class because I had a mad crush on him.  Me & the 12 other boys that were in there with me.  If you're reading this....heeeeey Mr. Walker.  
Thanks for the C minus.

4.  These delicious muffins were made last week.  They would go perfectly with our coffee date.  
Thank you, Skinnytaste.  I love you.

5.  I had a real CDF scheduled with the man below this morning.  My daddy.  He always pays.  
I always do the talking.  It's a win-win.  Buuuut...Indiana decided to freeze over last night and it was canceled.  CDF Plan B: Matt Lauer & The Today Show.  Another win-win.

What 5 things would you tell me if we had a coffee date?
Happy CDF to you!


  1. haha I love a guy who always pays and always lets me do the talking! Brandi sure is NUTS. I haven't watched the Bachelor yet this season, but think I might want to. Everyone has great things to say about it. If I were meeting you for coffee I would say... 1. HI I saw you on LIY's sidebar and am now following your really cute blog 2. I'm sorry I'm not your dad and I'm not paying (just kidding I would totally pay... at least for the first one haha). 3. I hope this coffee place has tea to, I'm trying to drink it more. 4. The last time I watched the Bachelor one of my college classmates, Ashley Hebert was on it and then became The Bachelorette. Ever since then the excitement of watching it hasn't been the same. 5. Its SO nice to meet you!

    haha that was a fun coffee date!

    1. Yay, Cassandra! Fun CDF. :) I am trying to drink more tea too - what kinds do you like?! Can't believe you went to college with Ashley cool! Was she the same in "real life?" :) It's great to "meet you" too...just checked your blog, love it! I LOVED your heart picture post...actually all of your photos are amazing!


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