Thursday, August 13

Be Their Favorite Toy.

I think we have a cute house.  Not too big, not too small.  Of course there are things about every person's house that they wish they could change.  We would love to have a basement...maybe a one-story ranch with a basement.  And I would love to have a Carrie Bradshaw-sized closet.  #closetgoals  But, you make do with what you have & our house has been great for our little family of 3.  My beloved bright pink sunroom was one of my favorite parts of our house.  White leather couches, custom window treatments and no-boys allowed.  Not kidding.  But being that I live with one very tall boy, and one very small boy I knew deep down we needed a renovation.  A cute toy room for my little boy.  

So, the past 6 months were filled with Devin constructing a massive toy bench & custom bookshelves.  Because who wants to pay $30 for bookshelves when Daddy can make his own for a fraction of the cost?  #timthetoolman We decided to keep the bright pink walls & I think they work fine for now.  And who knows - maybe a little girl is in our future at some point?  :)

As we were putting everything together & moving toys over, I immediately thought of some recent advice I had been given.  My sweet kindergarten parents threw me a baby shower when Dane was born and they made a book of motherhood advice for me to read.  One note always sticks in my brain and I think about it all the time.  This mama's advice was to be my child's "favorite toy."  She went on to explain that when her son was in preschool they were asked by their teacher what their favorite toy was.  He said, "My mom is my favorite toy because she always plays with me."  Wow.  And I could just picture this mama doing that because she was that type of mom.  The lay-on-the-floor, play trains & dress-up type of mom.  The type of mom I want to be.  Sure - there are days when I check my phone too much & just want to sit & catch up with The Today Show, but then I always think about that note.  I want Dane to say that his mama is his favorite toy.

The days are long but the years are short, & before long the toys will be put away for good.  So let's read & dress-up & play trains & build blocks & color (in the lines, of course) while we can.  

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