Friday, August 21

Friday Favorites

Woohoo FRIDAY!  Here is what I am loving this week!

I mean, everyone loves Chick-Fil-A, right?!  #mypleasure  We really don't eat there much because it is expensive.  However, Dane and I stopped after a Children's Museum visit on Thursday and I was so impressed.  I was by myself with him, and after ordering I had about 3 workers follow me to the table, get a high chair, set out his placemat, put on his bib & deliver our food.  Definitely a Friday Favorites this week.

I snagged this little gem for Dane at Barnes & Noble the other day.  I was planning to wait and put it out with his Fall books, but I went ahead and gave it to him.  There is a series of these "First sports" books, and he LOVES this one.  The pages are simple with just one word and a photograph.  For example, "team" (picture), or "coach" (picture).  Currently Dane's favorite words to say are "huddle, coach, tackle, and I guess the book is helping.  I am excited to get the basketball, baseball, golf & soccer books soon!

I have been using this mascara since high school & it really is the best you could ever find.  I keep meaning to put it on the Friday Favorites list.  It makes my short, blonde eyelashes stand out.  I have gotten a few friends hooked on it as well, so Lancome can go ahead & cut me a check.

Fall is almost here.  I am just waiting on September 1st to come around, so I can throw pumpkins & leaves everywhere, light my Fall candles & turn on Hocus Pocus.  Love this quote about October!

What are your favorite things this week?

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  1. I heart chick fil a (agree tho-EXPENSIVE!), gonna have to get that book for ace, I've tried a million different mascaras and still don't have 1 I love (gonna go to the Lancome counter asap), and you know my feelings about fall. Love u, love your blog #Sandersonsisters ;)


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