Friday, March 7

Coffee Date Friday

YAY Friday!  If we were having coffee, I would have a green tea soy latte & be telling you these 5 things...

* I will be on the beach in 22 days.  Take that Polar Vortex.

* Devin told me the other day that he checks on the baby every morning before he goes to work.  He either puts his hand on his belly or rubs his arm.  #precious #imeansoprecious

* Every meal should involve chips & salsa.

* I was obsessed with Ellen's Oscar tweets just like 3 million other people.  She is so positive & happy and just downright fun.  I wish we were friends.

* I have read some really thought-provoking blogs lately.  Mainly this onethis one, and this one.

What 5 things would you share if we had coffee?  
Have a great weekend & love what you love.  

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  1. A green tea soy what??? I have no idea what that is :-) I would be enjoying some sweet tea, but wishing it were diet coke, ha!
    1) I am SO ready for spring, today it is in the mid 60s and I can't wait!
    2) I LOVE that it is light outside longer at night as we love to get outside as much as possible. On the flip side, mornings so far this week have been rough. Nobody wants to get out of bed.
    3) I think T is having some anxiety surrounding school :-(...for the first time today he was pretty upset about going. This mommy is investigating the situation further.
    4) I am really digging John Green's books right now (The Fault in Our Stars-soon to be a movie)
    5) I miss you, and can't wait to hold that handsome little guy of yours again! and....adoptive mommies rock!

    Love ya!


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