Friday, January 10

Coffee Date Friday

Happy Friday, friends!  I have been enjoying an extended vacation due to snow...oh wait, I'm not working so snow days mean nothing in the SAHM (stay at home mom abbreviation, I just learned it) world.  Hooray!  BUT, I have enjoyed watching my love not sit still during these 5 extra days.  You see, he has to be doing something.  Always.  And, I don't.  Opposites attract, you know!

If we were having coffee I would tell you....

* That my pumpkin boy has almost doubled in size.  Welcome to the world of chubby cheeks, & arms and legs that look like they have rubber bands around them.  I always did love my cabbage patch kids...

* A friend delivered a fabulous chicken-quinoa concoction that I can't stop thinking about, yet I'm too tired to make.  Dawn - do you deliver?

* 2014 is bringing lots of goals for being checking out books from the library.  I love the smell of library books, I don't like the waiting.  Rene - what's your waiting list secret?

*  I have no idea what this Polar Vortex thing is & Devin just informed me that it is real and not a joke. #guessishouldstartwatchinggthenews #never

*  Britney & Justin almost got back together (I'm sure of it), at the People's Choice Awards last weekend.  And by almost back together, I mean they were nominated in the same category.  They forgot their denim get-ups though!

Well, it's getting late, so this coffee needs to be dumped & wine poured instead.  
Have a great weekend & go match with someone!


  1. That's funny that you mentioned the chicken-quinoa dinner--I made it last night! :) And of course, there are no leftovers. I might deliver for a fee. Note: make sure you buy pistachios that have been saves so much time and energy. As for my five things: Faith has strep, Josiah's mind: wow (the stuff he comes up with), I am running more and more each run, I am going to try new veggies in 2014 (I am a picky eater), and I want to go do skyrobics again.

  2. The waiting list at the library, "secret" is that I have an ongoing wait list of about 15-20 books therefore I usually always end up with one I want :-) Our county library website has the NY times bestsellers listed so I usually select several from that list. The downfall is that sometimes several books come in at once then I have to start over again!!!! I am proud of you for trying to check out more books. Happy waiting! Even though I'm an avid reader, I don't think I got much reading done the first year of Tristan's life, maybe you will have better luck than I did. Love you, kisses to your sweet boy from Aunt Ne. Miss you!


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