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When you wish upon a star...or a gold chain.

6:30 am...last Thursday.  My phone rings.  BFF on the other line.  Dream about to come true:

Abs: Hello?
BFF: What are you doing?
Abs: Driving to school.
BFF: What concert would we absolutely die to go to?!
Abs: Nelly. (doy)
BFF: BINGO!  He's going to be Indy this weekend & you and I are going!
Abs: (scream), OK!  Details?! When? Where? How? (trying to keep the car on the road)

Let's back up.  If you know me at all, then you know that I: don't ever put caps on water bottles, I could live off Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee & I was born a gangsta.

Nelly encompasses my college career.  Getting ready to go out Friday night?  Blast Ride Wit Me.  In the car with 10 girls to hit up the $1 tanning bed in town?  Crank up Country Grammar.    Shoe shopping?  Air Force Ones for motivation.  I love my St. Louis boy.

Saturday came fast, along with two VIP tickets (thanks, Adrienne), aviator sunglasses & the most ghetto hat I could find.  He, along with Chingy & Murphy Lee put …

Those girls.

I wish I had a lot of things.  Like the ability to snap my fingers & be anywhere in the world, an unlimited supply of Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee & Halle Berry's body.  Without working out or eating healthy, of course.

I don't have to wish for great friendships though, because I have those.  And I am forever blessed.  In college, I joined a sorority freshman year.  LIOB to my Phi Mu sistas.  Sorority life was fab-u-lous, and I know there are a lot of haters out there.  Haters can hate...but who doesn't love sharing closets with 30+ girls, having your BFF on call 24/7 & getting your meals cooked for you every day?  But in between the weekly chapter meetings, fraternity pranks & karaoke on Friday nights, true friendships were formed.  And since my college days, I have formed other true friendships through work, church, my neighborhood & even from this little blog.  What can I say, friends rule.

True friendship requires time.  And, I am the first to ad…