Monday, November 16

All-American Chili

Happy Monday!  Need a quick & cozy dinner for this week?  Try my "All-American Chili!"  It is a Carter family favorite + so easy!

All-American Chili

* 2 lbs lean ground beef (or turkey)
* 28oz can diced tomatoes
* 28oz can tomato PUREE (not tomato paste or sauce)
* 1 can light red kidney beans, drained & rinsed
* 1 can dark red kidney beans, drained & rinced
* 1 yellow onion, diced
* 1 red pepper, diced
* 1-2 t garlic powder
* 2 T chili powder
* 1/4 cup brown sugar
* salt & pepper 

Directions: Brown your ground beef (or turkey) and add in chopped onion & red pepper.  Drain.  At this point, I add everything else into a crock pot, throw in the meat, and simmer on low for a few hours.  You could also put everything in your stock pot and cook on high until it is heated through.  We always top ours with oyster crackers, cheese, sour cream & green onions!  I like to serve ours with veggies & dip + a poppyseed mozzarella bread that I make.  YUM! Enjoy!  

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