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14,000 things to be happy about.

Some of my friends have read this book & say it's the greatest.  Very simple - just 14,000 things to be happy about.  Randomly flip to any page and bam - instant happiness.  On the list: puppy noses, baby girl tights, melting ice cream cones, grandma kisses.  So, I decided to make a 14,000 things to be happy about (in the Fall) list.  Well, not 14,000.  More like 15.

Now, I should mention something not on the list: a bird flying in your house at 6 am.  Yes, I was getting ready for school this two weeks ago when a bird flies up the stairs, into our room & proceeds to go CRAY all over the place.  Enter hubs, in a shirt and tie, with a trash bag, trying to catch the dirty, winged creature.  Well, I guess it actually could be on the list because we both shared a good laugh.  And a gag reflex when the bird landed on our toothbrushes.

Back to the list.

1.  candy corn & peanuts.
2.  pumpkin anything.  And, I mean anything.
3.  old college sweatshirts.  & sweatpants. …