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Coffee Date Friday

Eek!  I haven't posted since January!  Something about a toddler banging his sticky fingers on my keyboard makes it hard to write.  #toddlerprobs

I want to make a summer goal to post more though...yay!  If we were having coffee this weekend, I would tell you these 5 things:

* I am already in the summer twilight zone.  I wake up every day wondering what day it is.

* Devin & I are trying to find a good tv show to binge watch this summer.  We have watched Breaking Bad (oh, still not over that one) & Scandal.  I have heard good things about Friday Night Lights though.  Any other suggestions?

* I have been on a reading frenzy.  Look for a book review post soon!

* We have a house being built in our backyard behind us.  I go through a daily struggle of either bringing the construction workers cookies & lemonade, or sabotaging their work site with termites.  THE NOISE.

* Now for the longest update.  I'm still traumatized from this one.  Last week I took Dane to get his …