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one. & the birth story re-posted.

The past 365 days have been nothing but pure joy.  Even looking back to those up-all-night, no sleep-no shower-days...I loved them all.  I had hopes to post so much this year...but #instagramatemyblog.  So yeah.  I couldn't top this post anyway.  I still catch Devin reading it from time to time.  Dane's birthmother emailed me the other day with a "thinking of you" type of email as we were getting closer to the big O-N-E & the most memorable part was "...I will always remember 11/30 as the day this precious boy was brought to this earth to be YOUR SON - not mine."  Wow.  If that doesn't give me chills, nothing will.

I hope if nothing else, Dane's birth story will give people a different perspective on adoption. 

It's definitely changed our lives for the better.


This might be the hardest thing I have ever had to write.  And the most beautiful.  So much has happened in just a week.  A week ago I wasn't hismomma.  I am now.  I h…