Tuesday, March 6

***March 2018 Adoption Update***

(Read my previous post first if you are new!)

We are officially home study approved!  Just picture me doing "The Carlton."

Since October, all 3 members of the Carter Crew have completed intense medical exams, signed our names hundreds of times, completed 4 home visits, applied for police clearance reports, taken 12 credit hours of adoptive parent/culture training, convinced 3 people to write a reference letter for us, & notarized everything under the sun.  Our home study has been approved & we are now in the process of certifying and authenticating all of our documents.  I don't know what certifying or authenticating even means, but I guess it is via a courier in the Chicago area who has to meet with the Chinese Consulate.  It all sounds very Jason Bourne, right?!  Or Paul Revere?

I mean - a Courier??  #theponyexpress

Once our documents have been authenticated they will be sent to China & then we keep waiting!  Basically, if you are wondering how an adoption is like this: HURRY UP & GET THESE THINGS DONE!!  NOW!!!  Wait.  Repeat that a million times.  

We are also waiting on a super important approval notice to come back to us right now.  It is called the I-800a approval...which was sent to the Department of Homeland Security & will allow our family to bring an immigrant into the states.  The Department of Homeland Security must be pretty busy, because I am hearing they are taking their sweeeeeeet time approving immigrants to the states.  If you are the praying type, we would most certainly appreciate your prayers that this approval comes quickly!  Like, I really want it tomorrow.  I don't ask for much.

In January, we launched a t-shirt fundraiser to help raise a portion of the $35,000+ needed to bring a little one home to our family.  We were blown away by everyone who purchased a t-shirt & are extremely humbled.  We hope you wear them proudly!  If you ordered one locally, you should have it by now.  If you are a faraway person, you should receive yours this week! (shout-out to my #teamchina girls who helped sort, package & distribute!)  We only had one minor mistake & Devin never knew about it! #nopapertrails

 Please send me a picture of the t-shirts on if you can!

A few folks have asked if they could still order a shirt.  Unfortunately we are not able to order any more, BUT you may still be in luck!  My friend & next door neighbor owns a precious boutique in town called Laynee's (heeeeeey Jamie B!) & she purchased the crew-neck t-shirts for our fundraiser.  She will be selling them in the boutique!  Head over (address below) & check them out soon!  

Laynee's Boutique
125 North Avon Avenue
Avon, IN 46123

Finally, we thank everyone who has asked how it is going, prayed for us, prayed for our future child, and just said they were thinking of us.  Adoption is NOT for the weak or faint of heart, & we have pretty thick skin because of it...but we know it will all be worth it soon.

Much love,
~ The Carters


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