Sunday, June 29

Pure Michigan.

Disclaimer: I know "Pure Michigan" is the most cliche, George Clooney-narrated, overdone title in history.  But, it's true.  Michigan is just that.  Pure.

The hubs & I decided to plan a quick 4-day family getaway this summer.  Disney?  Dane's too young.  Mount Rushmore?  Too far.  Paris?  In your dreams.  Michigan?  That sounded just about right.  My sister & brother-in-law lived in Michigan for several years and told stories of the beautiful beaches, scenery, & quaint towns that made up Michigan's coast.  We traveled to South Haven a few years ago with Devin's family & it was just that.  Quiet, quaint & just pretty.  After a little research and advice from Devin's sister, we found an adorable condo in Holland, Michigan.  Who needs Paris when you have a beach, wooden shoes & cute coffee shops just down the road?  The trip was booked & the packing started.  Anybody with small children can chime in an "Amen" out there.  Packing for even a short family vacation requires more items than the settlers needed for Westward expansion.  I know, didn't think I knew anything about history, right?  Well, it's true.  Just pack everything from the high- chair to baby nail clippers & you're set.  No covered wagon needed.  

The drive wasn't bad, the scenery gorgeous & the next 4 days just plain relaxing.  Just what our little family of 3 needed.  And, Holland?  Well, I would recommend a visit there anytime.  From the adorable shops & restaurants on 8th street, to the biggest farmer's market I have ever seen, to homemade ice cream every night...we saw & did everything.  I kept thinking I would wake up at some point and this all be just a dream - our first family vacation, my 6 month old playing quietly on the floor, Devin & I reading at the pool, taking pictures at the beach.  Just what I imagined.  

Thanks for a great four days, Holland.  We'll be back for sure.  A packed-full covered wagon & all.