Friday, October 2

Friday Favorites

Three cheers for FRIDAY!  Linking up with some blogger are some of my favorites from the week!

These bars.  Oh my.  I am a bit of a pumpkin snob.  I know every company from Pop-Tarts to Tootsie Rolls breaks out a pumpkin version for the Fall, but trust me - all pumpkin is not equal.  For example, I was so excited about some pumpkin english muffins last year, but they tasted like a cross between Windex & nutmeg.  Definitely not winning a gold medal at the Pumpkin Olympics.  However, my pumpkin radar was on full force in the grocery the other day & I saw these babies on sale.  I like the other kinds that Fiber One offers, so I thought I would "give 'em a whirl." (Home Alone, anyone?)  They passed my pumpkin test.  I guess I'll go stock up since they are out for a limited time.  Sigh.

Awhile back one of my favorite bloggers posted about this Evian facial spray & just raved about it.  You spray it over your make-up and it is supposed to set everything, minimize pores & just waken you up.  I was a little skeptical because I figured my spray bottle and tap water would do the same trick.  Plus, I didn't want to spend $12 on it.  Wellllll, I don't know what I was thinking.  Last weekend I attended the DotMom conference with my friend Adrienne & she had some.  And, I made her spray me about every hour.  I'm a believer now.  I also happened to get a $10 gift card in the mail from Ulta, so $2 instead of $12?  Yes, please.  Go spritz yourself today.

A favorite book of mine this week.  This Christian mama is  She talks about everything from surviving the 90's stirrup phase to the best fried chicken in the south.  Check it out if you need to smile.  

Another favorite book this week - more for people less than 2 feet tall who wear diapers, though.  Sandra Boynton has been a long-time favorite children's author of mine & Spooky Pookie is just adorable.  And Dane pronouncing "Spooky Pookie" is even more adorable.  

A fun Fall nail polish for Fall, "Over The Taupe".  I have had it for years.  Sometimes it looks gray, and sometimes brown.  Kind of like a mood ring for nail polish.  It made the list this week, too!

What are your favorites this week?  Happy Weekend-ing!