Friday, July 26

Coffee Date Friday

If we were having coffee this week, I would tell you...

* I am have a girls dinner tonight with 4 of my sorority besties.  I know sororities get a bad rap.  
More on that topic next week.  

* This week's obsessions have included watermelon & mango. 
 Never had a mango until about 3 weeks ago.  Big mistake.  Huge.

* I had brunch with my mama this week.  
The combination of a victorian house, iced tea with lemon & a window seat is good for the soul.

* School is drawing me back in.  So, I recruited 4 previous Carter kids to help with classroom prepping.     Otherwise known as the best idea ever.

* DC got a new job as an administrator & I am over the moon proud of him.  
I am also over the moon excited that I will get to call him Mr. Belding for the rest of his life.

What 5 things would you share if we had coffee?

Happy weekend to you!  Hope your to-do list is as full as this one. 

Wednesday, July 17


Happy 33rd to this super special guy.

In honor of his birthday, here are 10 things you might not know about him: 

(**please note that whenever I mention him on the blog, he mumbles something about having not signed a waiver to have his information/stories, etc. on the web.  Once a teacher, always a teacher.  And no, he has not signed a waiver for this post either.**)

In no particular order...
  • His favorite Friends character is Ross.  Yes, I said Ross.
  • He always does our laundry on Sundays & gets very bent out of shape if something interferes with this routine. 
  • He is not a picky eater, except for jelly & hot fruit.  So, keep the cobbler FAR away.
  • If he was stranded on an island with only one food & one drink, it would be steak with A1 & diet mountain dew.
  • Going to a World Series game & being in a car chase are on his Bucket List.
  • He knows more sports trivia than any other person on the planet.  So, if you are being asked to walk the plank over shark infested waters & you have to answer a sports-related question in order to save want him nearby.  Trust me.
  • He tore his ACL in college & feels nauseous if anyone touches the scar.
  • He falls asleep by 7:30 every night during the week.  
  • His favorite movie is Dumb & Dumber.  
  • He's one of The Good Guys.  And, I snatched him up.  
We celebrated with a quick trip to Cedar Point.  A Sandusky date night, roller coaster screams & sweating off 20 pounds in the heat were the highlights of the trip.  

Happy, happy DC.  

Wednesday, July 10


Well wishes & big hugs from family & friends.
Mounds of tissue paper.
Buttery soft onesies & fuzzy blankets.
Frosted cupcakes & chocolate dipped Oreos.
Advice from seasoned mamas.
Smiles.  Love.
These details have filled my time the last two weekends.

My Step-Mom & future sister-in-law threw my first baby shower two weeks ago & it was perfect.  These amazing ladies went all out from trail mix-filled baby food jars, to a decorated diaper station.  The house was laced with baby pictures of my family growing up & included a very special of DC & I on the day we officially started the adoption process.  It's the little details that mean so much.  I came home with a car load of baby gifts & feelings of love for this little one who I haven't even met yet.

This past weekend I was once again blessed with another shower thrown by two of my closest college girlfriends.  Almost ten years since graduation (ugh, that is literally painful to type), and as we quoted through texts on Sunday, WE are each other's details.  Forget about fancy clothes, custom-made curtains or the newest electronic device....friendship trumps all of that.  I walked into a house & was surrounded with the smells of fresh coffee & blueberry muffins, gazed at brightly colored decor & peeked inside a Pack N' Play overflowing with gifts.  For my baby.  

Below are the highlights from these wonderful weekends of celebration.

Thank you to Tisha, Jenna, Jennifer & Blair for everything.  If I know anything, it is this.  
This baby is unbelievably loved by so many.  And, the rest...are the details.

Friday, July 5

A list of good things.

1.  Sleeping in...& sleeping in some more.
2.  Having a messy house, & not caring one little bit.
3.  New dresses.
4.  Baby shower(s)...yes plural.  Pictures coming soon!
5.  Watching the town fireworks with just my love, about 10 feet from our house.
6.  S'mores by the campfire.
7.  Betting on horses...& winning $8!  #itsthelittlethings
8.  Friends & funny faces.
9.  Diner breakfast.
10.  Not putting make-up on.

What's on your list of good things?