Friday, December 1

A is for Adoption #2!

Whew - long time, no blogging!  I have no excuses except something about chasing around a 4 year old all day, teaching part time, keeping up with the marriage/house/cooking/cleaning/laundry/reality tv.

But, I'm back for the time being!  If you are reading this you might already know that the Carter family has just started the process to adopt again!  We couldn't be more thrilled.  For awhile now we have felt it was time to start thinking about growing our family.  Dane is 4 now (wah), would be an excellent Big Brother, and we have plenty of space for a new little one in our home & most importantly our hearts.

We discussed and researched another domestic adoption (check out this post if you have never read Dane's birth story), foster to adopt, and international adoption.  When we started the process 4+ years ago for Dane, we actually had our hearts set on international.  After meeting and interviewing some agencies we realized that we were not going to be able to be placed with a newborn if we chose international.  We really wanted the newborn experience and what an incredible one it was!  Dane was an absolute ANGEL baby.  He just was.  It was nothing we did...he slept well from the day we brought him home, napped well, rarely cried, and was just happy.  And while footed pajamas & that baby smell will always make my heart beat a little faster, we felt like we didn't necassarily need that newborn experience again.  So, here we are - headed towards international adoption again.  #welcomeback

We have chosen our international agency & will be working to bring home a little girl or boy from China!  Why China, you ask?  Well, we just think that is where our next little cutie lives right now!  So, what now?  All the paperwork.  Just imagine what one might need to do to join the FBI - then multiply X 10.  We are gearing up for new sets of fingerprints, more sets of fingerprints, medical checks, background checks, home visits, letters of recommendation, adoptive parent training, probably even having our phones tapped or something.  #wouldntbesurprised

Although there is a lot to do we are just going to work through it as fast as we can.  We know how amazing the end result will be & we can't wait to get there.  We welcome your positive thoughts & prayers for our family & my goal is to keep writing through this process as well!  Thanks for coming along!

~ Devin, Abigail & Dane