Friday, May 29

Coffee Date Friday

Eek!  I haven't posted since January!  Something about a toddler banging his sticky fingers on my keyboard makes it hard to write.  #toddlerprobs

I want to make a summer goal to post more though...yay!  If we were having coffee this weekend, I would tell you these 5 things:

* I am already in the summer twilight zone.  I wake up every day wondering what day it is.

* Devin & I are trying to find a good tv show to binge watch this summer.  We have watched Breaking Bad (oh, still not over that one) & Scandal.  I have heard good things about Friday Night Lights though.  Any other suggestions?

* I have been on a reading frenzy.  Look for a book review post soon!

* We have a house being built in our backyard behind us.  I go through a daily struggle of either bringing the construction workers cookies & lemonade, or sabotaging their work site with termites.  THE NOISE.

* Now for the longest update.  I'm still traumatized from this one.  Last week I took Dane to get his 2nd hair cut.  (Any fellow Plainfield-ers should check out Leland's Barber Shop - he did an amazing job with Dane's curly mullet!)  As I was taking Dane out of the car seat, a bird flew down from the roof and proceeded to  My hair was curly and full of gel & hairspray #indianahumiditysucks & it couldn't get out.  It was flapping, my hair was flying, I was screaming and Dane was yelling and pointing "BIRD!"  What a scene.  I apologize to the townspeople driving down the busy road we were on.  Leland The Barber proceeds to come running with his broom in attempt to get the bird out of my hair.  He bats it out & it flies in my car.  Right next to my blonde haired, sweet baby boy.  Chirping.  And chirping.  Immediately, I flashback to the Hitchcock film The Birds & am convinced one of us is going to have our eyes pecked out at any second.  It finally took two of us to get the bird out of my car.  By the time I get Dane in, I am in need of a hair washing as well - and a new outfit because I had sweated out of mine.  Geesh.  I'm exhausted from just reliving this!

Happy weekend, friends!  Watch out for birds.