Friday, January 30

Coffee Date Friday

       HAPPY Friday, friends!  If we were having coffee today, I would tell you these 5 things:

* I am OB-sessed with this deflate-gate drama.  I ask Devin about two trillion questions every night about what is going on.  He is annoyed.  This could have been avoided by the NFL simply providing the footballs at all times, instead of the teams.  #doy #hireme  And then I heard that some teams like to condition their footballs or something crazy like that before games.  Um, if you are supposedly a Pro football player and make millions of dollars a year, shouldn't you be good enough to play with brand new un-conditioned footballs?  #sissies

*  More Superbowl...but food.  Last year I did a taco bar, this year I'm thinking sloppy joe's or chili.  What are you fixing?

* A goal has been made to go on 50 dates in 2015.  I think we are on #4.

* I got Bringing Up Boys by James Dobson from my in-laws for Christmas.  Basically the whole book has been highlighted.  My absolute favorite quote is: "Remember you are raising a man.  Every time you raise a responsible, loving, caring man you are making the world a better place for women." Hmmm.  Let that one soak in.

* A few things have been crossed off my Life List  since I posted it last year.  #6, 29, 40, 47, 49, 50.  Two were a part of this post.

What things would you share if we had coffee?
The weekend is here!  Do something nice for someone.