Wednesday, January 30

If you want to be my BFF...

then you should know some random things about me first.

I never leave caps on water bottles. They are useless. It takes too much time to un-screw them when you want a drink, so they go in the trash as soon as I open a water. Devin just loves this random fact about me...especially when we are in the car and he hits a bump. Although he hardly ever hits bumps because he drives 20 miles UNDER the speed limit.

My wedding gown had a train that was 12 feet long. It came with a color coded map that took 3 people to read in order to bustle. I rocked that train like Princess Di though. I also rocked a major backache after lugging 10lbs+ of extra satin around all night.

This is one of my top favorite places to be. Ever. If I am watching tv, I would rather be laying here than on the couch. When I get up in the morning, I take a shower & then immediately get back under the covers to do my make-up.

I have a very repetitive personality. When I find a new song I love, I will listen to it for 2 weeks straight, on repeat. This thrills my passengers. Same goes for a new meal that I find. I am currently on day 12 of new oatmeal recipe for breakfast. College obsession? How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days in the VHS player 24/7.
I love you, Benny Boo Boo Bear.

This blog almost didn't exist. Because I almost didn't exist. When my mom was pregnant with me, she was driving her Camero at lunch (don't pregnant people & Cameros always go together?) when a semi turned ON TOP of her car and dragged her down the interstate...unknowingly. It shaved off the top of the camero & she somehow wedged herself under the steering wheel during the whole thing. No wonder why my heart starts beating fast when I see one of these bad boys on the road.

Instagram has become my newest obsession. People & pictures are two of my favorite things, so it's a dream come true. I check it at least 100 20 times a day. Follow me at acarter402 & I will follow you!

Perfume is a basic necessity in my house. My job involves hugging people who pick their nose & eat it every day, so I smell like boogers & glue when I get home from school. Dousing myself in perfume is a must.

We adopted a 15 lb ball of fur 6 summers ago. Devin had a summer job that year & I was stuck at home giving up my precious pool time to let a puppy out every hour. Not conducive to my "sleep until noon in the summer" motto. I cried every day & wanted to get rid of her. I got over my post-puppy-pardum depression & like her now. Most of the time.

And, there you have it bloggers & blogettes.
I hope your lives are filled with randomness too!

Let's be BFF's 4ever.
And play MASH together.
My future husbands were always Jonathon Taylor Thomas, Mark Paul Gosselaar, & Jordan Knight.


Tuesday, January 22

life list.

Life is short. So, I wrote a life list. A list of 100 things I want to do before my time is up. I have been keeping ideas in my phone for a while, just typing them in one by one, here & there. Crossing things off the list that I accomplish, adding more, the list doesn't have to end - I guess.

Life listing is super should try it.
You will probably learn a lot about yourself.

So, from the simple, (#23)
to the most HUMOROUS (#31)
the now impossible, (#27)
and sometimes extravagant, (#89)

here are my dreams.

1. Take a Chicago boat tour
2. Drive up the east coast in a convertible
3. Own an old-fashioned perfume bottle with a pump
4. Grow out my nails
5. Slide shot glasses across a bar
6. Go to the movies by myself
7. Fly fish in a river while wearing tall rubber pants
8. Take surfing lessons & stand up on my own
9. Camp outside a store for a big Christmas gift on black Friday
10. Take a helicopter ride over a volcano
11. Lay in bed all day with DC, watch movies, & eat junk
12. Buy someone's groceries
13. Swim with dolphins
14. Visit Neverland
15. Sit in a yellow Lamborghini
16. Adopt a shelter animal
17. Cook something new every night for a month
18. Ice skate in Central Park
19. Learn how to juggle
20. Walk on stilts
21. Be called Mom
22. Ride in a hot air balloon
23. Plant a garden
24. Be in the front row for a Nelly concert
25. Hold enough helium balloons that they pick me up
26. Stop drinking diet coke...for at least a year
27. Be a back-up dancer for Michael Jackson RIP
28. Go meatless
29. Give an entire season of clothes away to a single girl in need
30. Read a newspaper
31. Follow my Dad around at work one day & try to figure out what he does
32. Go on several mission trips
33. Ride in a gondola in Venice while wearing a black & white striped shirt
34. Go on a safari
35. Read the Bible from cover to cover
36. Visit the Home Alone house and yell "Kevin!"
37. Spend a week with my college girlfriends
38. Actually enjoy working out
39. Make homemade sushi
40. Adopt a baby
41. Go unplugged for a week
42. Watch a surgery
43. Write a children's book
44. Learn how to sew clothes
45. Sit in the front row of a fashion show in NYC
46. Fly a diamond-shaped kite with bows on the string like in coloring books
47. Learn how to use chop sticks
48. Attend a Bat Mitzvah
49. Pop a champagne bottle with friends in celebration
50. Watch someone give birth
51. Have a house on the beach
52. Witness sea turtles being born
53. Take piano lessons
54. Tour Buckingham Palace
55. Volunteer at a prison
56. Spend an entire day at the movies
57. Sit in a hot spring
58. Hold a koala on my hip
59. Bake a pie from scratch with my grandma & Mom
60. Own a house with a pool
61. Open a US map to a random city & go there
62. Have a bulldog named Junior
63. Be a Big Sister/Big Brother mentor
64. Teach an adult how to read
65. Help out with a natural disaster
66. Get a tattoo
67. Be in Times Square for the ball drop on NYE
68. Drive a European car
69. Slide down a fireman's pole
70. Meet a person with my exact first, middle & last name
71. Win a bake-off
72. Get a book from a rolling ladder in an old library
73. Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary
74. Eat shrimp on a sailboat
75. Ride in a motorcycle sidecar with goggles on and a scarf blowing in the wind
76. Surprise someone with a car topped with a giant bow
77. See the Hollywood sign
78. Be debt free, including the mortgage
79. Go horseback riding on the beach
80. Try acupuncture
81. Start & keep a prayer journal
82. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
83. Go dog sledding
84. Mine for gold
85. Go through a secret door by pulling on a candlestick
86. Float in the Dead Sea
87. Go on vacation with my brother
88. Sleep on a train
89. Own a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes
90. See a tornado
91. Travel in a private plane
92. Ride in a one horse open sleigh
93. Give birth
94. Swim in a shark cage
95. Host Thanksgiving
96. Ride in a red train down a San Francisco street
97. Lay out on one of the top-rated most beautiful beaches in the world
98. Go on a cross-country RV trip with DC
99. Attend a black tie gala
100. Be happy.

My apologies for the lack of pictures in this post.
But, I think it's easy to visualize me doing #75, right?!

Share your life list...I would love to read it.
happy dreaming.

Sunday, January 13


Creativity & Abs are not meshing well for this blog post. You win some, you lose some, Sorry, folks. So, feel free to go Keep up With the Kardashians instead.

Therefore, enter my ready-made/I'm lazy right now blog post: Currently.

I'm currently listening to Ellen DeGeneres' audio book: Seriously, I'm Kidding. Anytime an author starts off by listing her acknowlegements from smartest to dumbest, you know it's going to be good. Seriously though, she was kidding. Seriously, for me, it helps make my lovely drive to work even lovlier. Thanks to DC for this fun gift!

I'm currently loving The Biggest Loser. It's such a motivating show. I love the back stories, the people, the trainers, everything. I feel like a disgrace though, just sitting on the couch watching it. Maybe I should be running in place or doing jumping jacks or something while watching it? And, I would give just about anything to work with Jillian Michaels for a day. Her in-your-face tactics are right up my alley. So, if anyone wants to hook me up with her at some point I wouldn't be disappointed. Maybe she will catch wind of my blog & give me some free sessions? Currently, WON'T ever happen.

I'm currently thinking that I will be married for 7 years next month. 7 YEARS. Wow. Time flies when you are having fun, & we've had a lot of that. It seems like only yesterday I was making my college roommate invent a fake email & pretend to be Devin's ex-girlfriend to see if he wrote her back. Oops. Did I just admit to that on the world wide web? Yes, I am a recovering stalker/crazy girlfriend.

I'm currently wanting to learn how to hem pants. I have a sewing machine, I have plenty of pants that are too long, but I don't know how to hem. So, if anyone wants to get Jillian for me AND teach me to how to hem pants I would give you a BIG hug. And, take you out to dinner or something. Thanks.

I'm currently needing a tan. Tanning is bad. Really bad. I know. But, makes you feel so good. And, like one of my bff's says...fat looks better when it's brown. True dat, homie. I may or may not have to squeeze in 20 a few sessions before spring break.

OWL (one little word that currently comes to mind) RELAX. Don't we all need to do that more often? I think so. It's ok if my clothes aren't picked up, or the laundry isn't put away, I skip working out, or the dishes aren't done every night. Hey - that's what husbands are for. And momma's too. And my Mom is getting ready to move into my neighborhood any day now. Yeeee-haw. I'm hoping she will use her magic powers & come clean my house/walk my dog/leave me gifts when I'm gone one day. Or, every day. Thanks, Mom.

I'd love to read your currently list. So, do share.

Have a fabulous week!