Monday, April 21

Hit the road Jack...

It's been over two weeks since we came back from our beach trip - eek!  I'm behind.  I'll blame the 2ft person I take care of everyday.  Just kidding - he is a precious earth angel & the best part of my day is going in his room to see his smiling face.

Devin & I love road trips.  I think its fun to pack up & hit the road loaded down with snacks, a good playlist & some fun conversations.  Last year we took the same trip to Destin, Florida with his parents, sisters & their families.  Tips for a successful road trip according to me are: a fun scavenger hunt, lots of snacks & drinks (both healthy & junk...come on, it's vaca!) & a fun playlist.  For the scavenger hunt....look here.  I made a similar one up last year and just added to it this year.   You can play with any number of people.  Each person takes the same sheet, when you find the item yell it out & at least one other person has to verify.  Then, write your initials in the blank.  The person with the most initials when the hunt is filled up - wins!  Too bad I lost AND Devin drove the whole way.  #soreloser

Lots of snacks, & a fun playlist are next on the road trip essential list.  Last year we each made a list of our top 10 favorite songs and played them for each other.  Not that Devin doesn't love my choice of 90s rap, Britney Spears, or MJ...but I had to get creative for a new list idea this year.  So instead, we took about 10 different genres (rock, rap, country, power ballad, etc) and picked a favorite song for each to play.  This  year's playlist was way more exciting & fun to guess which song belonged to each genre!  Try it!

The week in Destin was great fun that included an amazing house on the beach, buckets of fresh seafood, oodles of family time & tons of "baby firsts" that I will tuck away in the scrapbook pages filling up in my brain.  Below are some of my favorites from the week.  I'm not much for posed pictures, but rather love snapping photos "in the moment."  Burying feet in the sand, reading by the pool, a sunscreen-lathered beach get the idea.

We celebrated our baby's 1st Easter this weekend & what a weekend it was.  A wonderful church service, Easter egg hunt & pastel colors galore.  Into the mental scrapbook it goes.  And this?  I promise I didn't pose him.  He just likes doing the 1990s 5th grade picture day pose.  Just missing - those classy lazer backgrounds.  Happy Spring, friends!

Friday, April 11

Coffee Date Friday

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you these five things...

* The hubs, baby & I had a fantastic trip to Florida last week.  However, gone are the days of not moving all day from your beach towel in the sand .  Babies cramp that style.  Post on that soon!

*  Dane is rolling over, shrieking, laughing & just overall doing things to add to the Cutest Boy Ever mental scrapbook in my brain.

*  My baby brother is getting married in less than a month.  It's time for Dane to have some Vestile cousins.

* My new favorite show is Resurrection...mysterious, impossible to ever happen, & starring Omar Epps.  What more could you ask for?

* I am saying goodbye to this special lady this weekend.  My Mamaw.  The woman who taught me how to make an apple pie from scratch, whom I could listen to for hours, and whose marriage advice was simply "always tell the truth."  She was married for over 60 years.  I'de say that was pretty good advice.  I'm so glad she was able to meet Dane.

And boy, did I love having coffee with her.  Love you, Mamaw.