Sunday, September 29

Coffee Date Friday (Sunday edition)

Hey readers (if you're still out there?!)

I'm back from a blogging hiatus!  I wish I could say I have been filling my time volunteering at the local animal shelter or catching up on politics, but no.  Really I have just had a case of writer's block, followed by daydreams of new pumpkin recipes & multiple trips to Starbucks.  Welcome, Fall.  If we were having coffee today (let's switch things up to Sunday this week!) I would tell you...

1//  It's time for the Fall Bucket List.
      Campfires, scary movies & carving pumpkins are on mine...what about you?

2//  Speaking of pumpkin...the pumpkin pie blizzard is back at DQ.
      Goodbye healthy eating; see ya after Christmas.

3//  One of my favorite sounds on the planet comes from children sounding out words.
      It's that time of year in kindergarten &

4//  Girls shopping trips are good for the soul.  Period.

5//  It's been 10 months since we said yes to His plan & decided to adopt.  This can make even the most   patient of patient people impatient, lie awake at night, & try to convince herself of things that are no where close to being true.  Shame on you, late nights.

What would you tell me if we had coffee?

Have a pumpkin-y kind of week!