Tuesday, December 8

Christmas at The Carters...part 2

Hey there!  I am linking up with a fun blogger, Andrea, & sharing my Christmas decorations!  I love looking at other house decor - and ESPECIALLY during Christmas!  Enjoy!

I used to love anything and everything Christmas - and my house was a modge podge of Christmas decor.  Over the years I *think* I have toned it down a little (although the hubs would say 3 Christmas trees is not toning it down - ha!)  We have a huge tree in our front room that is my "Mommy tree" now.  All red, white & silver ornaments.  With corresponding wrapped presents. #recoveringperfectionist  It makes me happy.

Through the hallway is where I put our Christmas cards.  I hot glue ribbon to the top of the door (don't be afraid to hot glue stuff to walls or peels right off!) & then I glue on the cards when we get them.  I love having them all displayed where we can see them versus in a basket or bin like I used to do.  By the end of the month I usually fill up two doors worth & it makes me happy seeing all of the smiling friends & family in our lives.

(from a few years ago)
Dane's playroom tree was sort of a new addition this year.  I had it in our sunroom & it was another girly tree - pink and silver with a tiara on top - ha!  But we put colored lights on it this year, and covered it with sentimental ornaments from when Devin & I were kids + some fun ones we have collected since we have been married.  I have a few new ones that Dane and I have made together and I think this tree will soon be a quick favorite!

my little "Danedeer" ;)

Our living room tree is brown and gold to match our decor & is a real one!  We have gone to a tree farm the last few years to pick it out, and that was always a fun tradition that Devin & I both did with our families growing up.  And that fresh balsam smell?  Oh my.  Forget the Yankee candles this year & just get a real Christmas tree!

Our nativity scenes are fun to put up every year and we now have four!  We have a nice Willow Tree set (off limits to toddler hands), a magnetic one for the fridge, the Little People set that Dane LOVES & this set from when I was a little girl.  The pieces are "stuffed-animal like" and I remember playing with it every Christmas.  We were never allowed to put baby Jesus out until Christmas morning either - His birthday, of course!  Dane loves playing with this one too, so I have it set up in his playroom.  He seems to catch on to things so quickly and loves pointing out the different people.  The funniest thing happened last week when he pointed to a picture of my baby nephew and shouted"Jesus!"  Precious.

I have a few things in the kitchen that I like to put out every year.  I know a lot of people like to put Santa pictures up for Christmas, and I want to continue doing that also!  I have Dane's last two years on the big guy's lap and am looking forward to getting his picture taken this year!  I also put out a Devin/Abigail fave...when we went ice skating at Rockefeller in NYC!  It was snowing and SO pretty and just a fun picture to display for the holidays.

And that is just about it for Carter Christmas decor.  What are your favorite Christmas decorations?  Please share!

Merry, Merry.


  1. Love all of your decorations and three trees! I too am a perfectionist when it comes to my tree and wrapping paper to all be matchy matchy! HA! And the way you hang your cards is a fantastic idea! I'm going to borrow your idea! :)

    1. Thank you! You should totally do the ribbon cards over a door- it turns out so cute!

  2. I love your decor. I used to be matchy matchy with my Christmas wrapping paper until I had grandchildren. Now I wrap each grandchild's gifts in a different wrapping paper so it is much easier to pass out gifts. It would take forever to pass them out if they were similar. However, I do think about it each year. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks so much! Great idea to do different paper for the grandchildren! Love it! Merry Christmas!


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