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I have been enjoying.

All of my memories for the past 30 days of Dane's life are being stored in the scrapbook of my brain...Christmas with family, special alone time with Dev, every coo & little sound Dane makes, things that made me laugh, made me cry....all stored together in a mental time capsule of sorts.  And hopefully just like a real scrapbook, I can go back & open these memories from time to time.  As the pages of 2013 close, I am looking forward to what 2014 will bring.

Cheers to the scrapbooks in your brain.  And happy 2014.

The one with the birth story.

This might be the hardest thing I have ever had to write.  And the most beautiful.  So much has happened in just a week.  A week ago I wasn't hismomma.  I am now.  I have started this post many times, but stopped because I have been afraid I would leave out a detail, a description....anything important to his story.   I want to make sure I do him justice, do her justice.  My only hope is that if he chooses to read this one day, he will know how much he is loved.

So, here it goes.
The story of our sweet Dane's birth.

Friday night Devin & I had gone out to dinner with family and done some last minute Christmas shopping.  I remember it being pretty cold, & we held hands as we went in a few stores.  We purchased our items, grabbed our favorite Starbucks treats & headed home.  We put in our favorite Christmas movie, Home Alone, & laughed the entire time.  We recalled how fun it was to make the trip up to Chicago last year to see the actual house.  All of the scener…